Hints and tips on bosses

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Hints and tips on bosses

Post  altonator on Thu Apr 11, 2013 4:04 am

Eye of chitaliu - use ranged weapons, be aware of eye minions and preferably have some means of jumping over the eye.

King slime - The best way to defeat this slimey boss is to get somewhere high, king slime is too fat as well to fit through small gaps so build a little fort for the best defence.

Eater of worlds - This is going to be an up close and personal fight so use meelee, try to hit the face of the worm as hitting it in the middle will cause it to split into duplicate worms!

Skeletron - Avoid the swinging arms and head, the arm bones do not hurt you so you are safe to get hit by those, it's only the hands and head you have to worry about. Ranged weapons such as the boomerang, ball o hurt or thorn chackram are best as skeletron moves quickly so you will need the chance to cause damage on the way back if you miss.

Wall of flesh - Warning! before engaging this beast you must build some way of safely traversing accross the underworld, keep moving and hit it with everything you have. Meelee strongly not recommended!

The twins - Watch out! it's double the trouble! 2 huge eyes attempt to attack you at once, you will need a way to deal as much damage as possible and fast, magic items like the star fury can help. Watch out for lasers and green death balls!

Skeletron prime - The upgraded skeletron! Same principle as last time except it just got a whole lot harder, be aware of bombs and lasers!

The destroyer - Do not engage this beast, the unholy offspring of fear itself will hunt you relentlessly, your only hope of survival is to pray and hope it does not find you...

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