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Hello and welcome to the BOF Towny survival page!
What is BOF Towny survival?

Well the towny part i'm sure you are all aware of, the beloved settlement creation game mode with plots, taxes and more.
As for the BOF part that stands for Black Out Force which is our proud team full of whacky nut jobs that love to have a fun time.

We have recently started a 24/7 minecraft server but we decided to make things a little different to your usual towny experience because BOF Towny is actually a HARDCORE towny server!
This does not mean however that you will be banned upon death or any other penalty, it means simply... watch yo back! There are lots of nasties out there just waiting to get a taste of your delicious flesh!
What are the objectives?

Your main objective is to build a town and defend it from the creatures of the night! Once darkness falls you won't want to be standing alone in the wilderness, not unless you want to be devoured by a spider queen or have your legs hacked off by a little midget!
Build, defend and grow your empire to become unstoppable and ward off the creatures of the dark!

Is there anything else to do?

Feeling lucky? Why not try a spot of paintball! team up and shoot paint at each other across a variety of maps including a pirate themed arena, ancient egyptian themed or even a labyrinth themed arena, plenty of tight corners and plenty of paint with your name on it!

Extra information/Details

Server current version: 1.7.4
Whitelisted? No
Can i use mods? Yes, but no mods that allow cheating/griefing
Who do i talk to if i am griefed? Talk to one of the moderators, there will be a list of all the mods names at the spawn


If you are interested in joining this server please go here for the IP

Server owner: Zane_QLD

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