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Post  altonator on Fri Jul 16, 2010 4:03 am

Currently BOF has 2 servers, BOF united and BOF freeroam.
BOF freeroam is a cruise server which means it's not race, it is a server where you can drive arround the track and enjoy its beauty, play games, try out driving simulators and possibly complete challenges and missions on certain tracks that have that option.
So please don't race on this server.

good question... racing on tracks on this server can encourage others to do so, this means that people won't be doing the proper things like enjoying the tracks beauty and trying out different styles of driving.
also if the server was in team mode which we sometimes use for the classic game of cops and robbers it would finish the round meaning all would have no choice but to restart and that isn't fair on the others.

Also there are basic rules which you should know allready such as:
please do not swear.
please do not abuse others.
please do not spam.
please do not use any racist / nasty remarks.
please do not take a joke too far.

BOF united is a race server, here is where you can race if you want to.
please, please do not add freeroam tracks on BOF united and race tracks on BOF freeroam.

I hope you took your time to read through this carefuly and understand it.
please respect the rules, they are there to bring straight through joy for all people.

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